Sunday, August 28, 2011

I started off my birthday playing Mexican Train while we waited for vehicles to be arranged to take us to the event that was planned. Everyone loved the game and caught on quite quickly inspite of the language barrier.
Barry once again wowing the crowd with his Fiji moves mixed in with a sort of war dance from the movie Wind, the crowd just howled with laughter.
Dancing with the locals, having a great time.
The boys in the band!
After the initial welcome and demonstration of traditional games, we were treated to a culinary display. Here a women is making fish cakes, I know think I could make them as well as a delicious fish soup, although I would cut down on the amount of chilies I would add to the soup. They love their hot spicy foods here.
This was a demonstration of dancing, I think, but there is definitely a sense of martial arts in these actions.
The Indonesian women are always beautifully dressed, and everyone here is photo crazy. We have our picture taken a minimum of 10 times at every event we go to and when we walk down the street kids are yelling at us wanting us to take their photos.
There ended up being three people born on Aug. 27, another cruiser, Chris, the harbour master Geno and myself. I had baked a cake and asked that all the guides get together so I could share some cake with them. Geno found out when we were on Chris's boat for sundowners and he arranged a party with gov't officials and presents for Chris and I. Chris got a hat which everyone signed. An impromtu band was formed with a guitar and empty plastic water jugs being used as drums and we danced the night away!
This is the present I received from the Indonesian gov't, a lovely hand woven purse. These are some of the guides that have interpreted and shown us around while we have been here in Wakatobi.
What a super day, I don't think I have had such a memorable birthday since Jen and Barry organized a surprise party for my 40th, wow!!!