Friday, August 19, 2011

They say a picture tells a thousand words. We managed to puncture the dinghy, not just a small hole but a puncture about 5 cm long, ARRRGG! It happened when Barry was swinging the motor down off the boat like he has done a thousand times before. This time the boat zigged when it should have zagged, or perhaps it was the dinghy….anyway, the prop sliced a hole on the inside of the pontoon. Luckily we had a patch big enough to cover the hole and clamped it with an old plastic cutting board, something for the clamps to hold on to. We have not re-inflated the dinghy yet, but we did everything by the book so are really hoping that the patch holds. I am very positive that it will and for once Barry agrees with me.
We are at the island of Hoga at the moment, position 05.28 N, 123.45 E. ( I have been having a great deal of trouble hooking up to the internet through the HF radio so I apologize for there not being more position updates.) We arrived a few days ago after bashing to weather with the motor on for about 10 miles, and then not such bad winds for the next 10 miles. We had to go through a reef to get to the anchorage but it was no worries, wide and 6m deep. We set the hook and stayed there the night, the next morning the only other sailing vessel in the area left and we took up the only available mooring outside the reef, but in the lee of the island. It was shortly after that we punctured the dinghy, so we were alone with our problems. After we had fixed it, 2 more yachts showed up but they are anchored about 1 kilometer away inside the reef, so it feels like we have the place to ourselves. It is so nice and quiet here, no feeling of obligation to attend planned activities, no chanting for the mosque at 0400 hours, and some space to have some privacy. We have been giving some of our old line away to the locals that approach the boat but they are not happy with just one thing, one fellow through sign language asked for a hat, a ring, binoculars, goggles and fishing line. We gave them some fishing line we could afford to part with but they didn’t look too happy because it was not very strong. They will not barter for fish though they want hard cash for the fish and Barry ended up buying a lovely snapper, 5 meals of fish, for what he thought was $3.00 CND but was in reality $30.00CND, this is after he paid over $5.00 more for laundry than anyone else so he is not allowed to bargain anymore!!!!!
This island is a world class diving site, it is quite difficult to get to, so there are not that many divers around. I am anxious to get ashore and arrange for some equipment. We are planning on going back to Wangi-Wangi for other festivities which are being held starting Aug. 23rd. The activities include some local games that sound really interesting, I am sure we will get a chance to participate if we choose. I am quite excited about getting to watch some traditional Indonesian games in different locales around the island. We will also receive 100 litres of free diesel before we leave, bonus. I will let you know how the dinghy works out.
The patch has a small leak so we have put Sikaflex 4200 around the edges of the patch to see if that works. If it doesn't I guess we will have to go begging to the rest of the fleet for patching material and glue.