Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We are continuing to enjoy our Indonesian experience. The people of Wangi Wangi are very welcoming, everywhere you go little kids yell out “Hi,Mister!”. My mission is to educate them to say “Mrs.” I have succeeded with one little girl, I recognized her dress and the second time I saw her she said “Hi, Mrs.” ah the little things in life! The officials are very organized here, every time we go ashore there is an interpreter to accompany us and show us where to go. It was very helpful the first day but when there are three people following you around and then sitting in the restaurants not eating when you do, it becomes a bit much. This morning I went ashore for a few errands and then spent the rest of the day doing boat chores, partially to avoid smiling for pictures and trying to learn Indonesian. Also the question of compensation is very hard to figure out. Are we supposed to tip them, do they do it so they can practice their English, are they being paid by the government, we are not quite sure.
Yesterday we lit out on a motorbike and did a tour of half of the island. We went with two other couples and had a blast. We stopped at a nice beach and went snorkeling and because of Ramaden the Muslims can not swim, so the usually crowded beach was empty but for us. Barry and I saw a sea snake and spent about 10 minutes watching it’s antics. The creature was white with black stripes and its body would undulate through the water with a fluid grace. The snake would poke it’s head into a hole in the coral and then slowly his body would follow and it would reappear up through the branches of an adjacent coral head. It was fascinating to watch and Barry said he saw it surface to take a breath. We got back on the bikes and toodeled off to the fancy resort (where we are headed tonight for the OFFICIAL WELCOMING CEREMONY {I am in agony trying to figure out what would be appropriate to wear}) to have lunch., apparently when Obama came to Indonesia he stayed there! (Sorry that rumour was false.)
We next toured the airport which had two huge pillars with a massive sign to announce that you had come to the facility. There was an entrance and an exit road but they were not paved yet and the rest of the airport was definitely a work in progress. Under one tree were huddled about 6 mini vans and Barry commented that it was the rental car return lot! Heather just so you know we saw some goats running around free as we left so perhaps they have a problem with goats instead of dogs on their runways!!
As we arrived back we met our buddies from the West Coast, Gavia Artica, which have 3 doctors on board and one of them announced that the leading cause of death among cruisers is motorcycle accidents. I was very pleased that I had my very cautious husband driving me around the island.
Well I must go and get dolled up for dinner, what to wear, what to wear!