Thursday, June 20, 2013

 We rounded the tip of the Gaspe and had some beautiful vistas with lighthouses at the tips of points.  That night we stopped at a camp ground on the edge of the St. Lawrence and it was pretty calm and benign.  The next morning we woke up and it was just howling down the river, the waves were crashing against the shore and we figured that if we had been trying to go up to Quebec City on the boat we would have waited in whatever safe harbour we were in because you would have been crashing into the wind and the waves and possibly fighting the current, not a good place to be in a sailboat, but in our little red SUV life was good, safe and we had no problems driving into the wind.  

Quebec has invested in some wind energy and there were several large wind farms along our route, about 100 km north of Quebec City.  There was an average of 15 windmills in each park and they must  put out a goodly amount of power. There were the closest we had seen to dwellings. 

This is the bridge across the St. Lawrence when we crossed in Quebec City. I am the navigator in the car and I was madly trying to reprogram the GPS so we could go to the Old Town and Barry was driving along, he headed off to Montreal because he did not realize we were in Quebec City, he said he thought the signs that said "QUEBEC" just meant we were in the province of Quebec, I will have to make sure he has a clue where we are in the future!!!  

Anyway, after a bit of driving around, trying to find a map we ended up on Plains of Abraham and spent the better part of the day exploring the old town.  We walked through the Chateau Frontenac, (pictured below) which was very impressive. We visited a maple syrup museum and learned the finer points in tapping maple trees.  One fact was that it took about 40 litres of sap to get one litre of maple syrup, I was astounded!

Barry figured he had found a street named after him, but figured out shortly afterwards that it just meant the road was closed. 
For Quinn!  It is full sized, I should have stood by it so you could see how big it is!
We headed to Ottawa to visit my Aunt Marianne.  We found her in pretty good health and a pleasure to spend an evening with.  We have pictures of her on my phone but I have yet to figure out how to put them on my computer, I can put them on Facebook and perhaps I will try that. My brother said there is an app that I can get to load them on blogger, so may have to see about that! We visited the National Science and Technology Museum and found it very much geared towards the younger generation and sadly out of date, although it is a museum.  They had a number of full sized railway locomotives, you could even climb up inside this one. 
We met another of Barry's cousin's for lunch, Ken Lange, Robert's younger brother was able to meet us and it was great getting to know him.  He is very much interested in the Lange family history and took the particulars of our children and grandchildren to add to the family tree.  He is very involved with ultimate frisbee and has been on  two national championships teams, quite the accomplishment. We decided to visit the National Museum of Civilization.  It had a gallery that took you through Canadian History from the early explorers to the present day.  Much to our surprise at the end was a full sized replica of the Wildcat Cafe, which is located in Yellowknife and where we have eaten numerous times.  The thing was, the replica is bigger than the original, there was more space across the middle than the one up north.  
You can't leave the capital without taking a picture of the Parliament Buildings.  The Museum of Civilization is directly across the river so we had a great view of Parliament as we left. We found our way out of Ottawa easily following the directions of the syrupy voice on the GPS. We camped about 40 km out of town and are planning to visit Barry's cousin Lucy tonight.  The we are hoping to visit some old friends from Tungsten days in Goderich, ON on the shores of Lake Huron.