Saturday, June 01, 2013

It becomes so easy to seamlessly slip into life ashore.  Having oodles of space to move around, being able to wash your hands with the water running and not having to worry about not having enough, access to a fridge that has room for a 2 liter container of juice. It is awesome to be able to just walk down the hall and put your dirty clothes in the washing machine, and then a dryer, instead of washing by hand in a bucket and hanging on a rope strung on the boat. The idea that you will absolutely, positively wake up in the same place you went to sleep, there is no possibility that your house may drift down the street and end up on the rocks.
Barry and \Leeland on the 4 wheeler in front of our new Nissan
The other day I washed the 2005 Nissan X-Trail that our wonderful daughter is gifting to us to drive across Canada. Today I washed and polished her new Honda Civic and Barry vacuumed both the vehicles.  It was a pleasure to bring a shine to a brand new car, no effort just wipe and rub a little bit, not like the elbow grease necessary to get even a half shine on our almost 30 year old boat.
Getting ready to fire the noon gun. 
Jennifer had a meeting in Halifax on Friday so we drove down with her on Thursday night and spent the day. We visited the Citadel, the fort in the center of the city, after we shopped for camping gear a MEC.  In the afternoon we drove to Peggy's Cove a beautiful spot about a half hour from Halifax.
 It is a gorgeous example of a small maritime Canadian village, very picturesque with a lighthouse that has been there since 1917.
Scoping out the crowd before the race
We both are truly enjoying getting to know our Nova Scotian grandchildren, William is almost six just finishing his primary year at school, and Leeland is a very athletic almost four year old. This morning William with his school classmates participated in a 2.4 km run.  The doctors in N. S. have sponsored a program to get the kids in the schools moving and today was the culmination.  There must have been over 700 kids there  today, all dressed in matching T-shirts and ready to run. Leeland ran the course too, jogging along for some 4 year old reason he felt compelled to turn each traffic cone he came across.  On on street where we had to turn there was a traffic cone and if you continued straight you would be crossing a street that had traffic (they had stopped traffic for the whole route).  I kept an eagle eye on him and sure enough after he had straightened out that particular cone he headed right into the traffic, good thing Grannie's instincts were still functioning. Both William and Leeland were very proud owners of finisher's medals at the end of the run. It was very cute to see Grandpa running along side Leeland, it made my heart sing.  We finished our camping preparations by buying a GPS so that we can successfully negotiate across Canada and visit different members of our family.