Sunday, June 09, 2013

the boys hanging out with grandpa
we have been having a great time with the boys.  last weekend we went to visit a wildlife park.  they had lots of native canadian animals including a bobcat, which i had never seen.  there was a playground attached to the park so we spent time there pushing the kids on the swings and watching their antics on the monkey bars.
 during the week we kept busy shopping for more camping stuff and setting our finances in order at the very accommodating bank. i also took on the task of giving ithe play set in the back yard another coat of stain.
i was doing really well until the liter of paint fell of the second step and spilled all over the grass. i ended  up brushing the paint off the grass and managed to get the most important parts restained.  leeland was a great help, and didn't even get much paint all over himself.

we celebrated william's birthday yesterday, even though it isn't really until july.  he had a party last year and no one came because school was out, so this year the party was while school was on.  there were ten kids at the party.  it was held at the soccer dome and the adults had just as much fun as the kids.  there were frisbees, and small nerf  footballs to toss around.  there was a bouncy tent for the kids which they just loved, there were huge balls to roll around on or race with. hot dogs, cake and ice cream were next on the line up then the kids bashed away on a soccer ball pinata, fun all around. barry and i gave william a pair of in-line roller skates and here are his first successful efforts on them on the back deck.
we will be heading east on wed. spending the first night of our trip with barry's cousin robert at his b and b just over the causeway on the mainland.  we have three sets of old friends to see in ontario, so that should be fun.