Sunday, July 14, 2013

karen and craig mccauley
we had a delightful time attending karen and craig's wedding this past weekend.  the party started off with a rousing game of family feud at the rehersal dinner.  craig set up a computer survey and sent it out to his friends and had the two families try and figure out what were the best answers.  it was great fun.  
 here is karen in front of the screen which would show the answers and how many points each of them were worth.  the next morning we went to the wedding venue at the university of alberta's faculty club and decorated the tables for the dinner. apparently the shade of purple to be used was a real bone of contention between the bride and groom.  

the bride's mother actually performed the wedding ceremony, she did a wonderful job, her words were very heart felt and moving, it must have been very special for karen to have her mother say them to her.  we had a great dinner and afterwards there were great speeches and much dancing. 

 the lange family, it was great that all the four family members could be there.