Monday, July 29, 2013

In my rather esoteric collection of pictures of signs I think this one will rate pretty highly.  Not too many places in the world you would come across this sign. It will go in the collection along with the elephant crossing and the kangaroo crossing signs. The thing about those signs is that I did not have my two oldest grandchildren in the picture with me so this make this picture extra special.  I love our vehicle in the background with the canoe on the top, that beautifully rounds out the scene, I don't thing you can get much more Canadian than that!!! I am truly disappointed that I was unable to get Barry to stop to take a picture of the penguin crossing sign we came across in Simonstown, South Africa, that would have been a good one. 
                         Eli with another mighty pike.                              
We have spent the last two weeks engaging in outdoor pursuits with our family. We have gone fishing about half a dozen times. Our friends in the sailing community came through and took us out sailing on two occasions, Eli came with us the first time around and took his turn at the helm. 

Aboard Pendragon, along with captain Kevin Quinn. Thanks for the lovely time Kevin. 

Cassidy and I were invited to be crew for the Wednesday night races.  We managed quite well and Cassidy did a great job on the controlling the main and has garnered herself the name of Mainsheet Specialist. She gave her number to the boat owners who we crewed with and hopefully they will give her a ring so she can do some more sailing this summer.
We all spent a windy afternoon down at the local beach.  The kids and Heather went in for a swim but I couldn't find the enthusiasm to join them.  We also played a rousing game of something that is a precursor to volleyball, tossing the ball over the net trying to toss it to an empty space so your opponent can't catch it.  The sand was flying as players were sacrificing their bodies trying to get the rather beat up old ball that was being blown about by the wind, fun indeed.  

Heather and I heading out on a fishing trip one day when the kids couldn't come. I managed to get one on the line and was greatly relieved when he spit the hook out before I could land him.  Barry wasn't with us and that would have necessitated one of us plying the pliers in the region of a fish 's mouth, not something I like to indulge in if I don't have to. 
We are heading to Edmonton tomorrow to go and visit with Bruce and Marg, Barry's brother and his wife.