Monday, November 25, 2013

Finished the Christmas cakes. They turned out well, I put a little Caribbean twist in them. I bought some  spices the other day in Grenada and there was a lot of mace in the package so I ground some up and tossed it I'm with the fruit and then I didn't have any corn syrup so added nutmeg syrup instead. I snuck a little taste of the cake after it was done and the Carribbean version is going to be a hit!!
We are at the Grenadian island of Petite Martinique. It is pretty windy so rather thn wrestle with the dinghy in the wind we are just going to stay on board, tomorrow off to Union Island to check in.
Oh and P S the boat did not heat up at all, it was so windy that it kept the whole boat comfortably cool.