Friday, November 01, 2013

Painting our bottom!!

We put two coats of paint on today, another tomorrow morning.  then Barry will struggle with getting the radar up and running.  He thinks all the wires are connected properly but the output does not recognize there is a radar there, oh joy!! After banging his head on the hull for several hours we decided to hire some help, but it is a holiday tomorrow and there is road construction , so it takes 2 hours instead ot 15 minutes to get here from Port of Spain. Lots of business people have not bothered trying to get to their shops so there is no one available to help us, yeah, welcome to the Caribbean. Hah, the frustration is beginning to boil over. 
We did get one thing done today.  When we bought new chain in Australia a couple of years ago we bought to little, so today we got 25 meters more and the welder actually showed up to weld the new chain to the old one so we now have 90 meters aboard which will make Barry very happy.
5 more sleeps and we will be back in the water, there is no dock space available and the anchorage is really shitty so as soon as you launch you leave and Barry is worried that we won't get everything done (mainly getting the radar working) before we leave.   I figure there are technicians in Grenada so if we don't get it done here, we can do it there, no worries!!
Tomorrow we are taking a trip to go to a village to celebrate Dewali, the Hindu Festival of Lights, I think it is like their Christmas.  We will go to a temple, see some dancing, have dinner and then walk around the villageto admire the lights. We weren't going to do it but since it is a national holiday, I figure it must be a big deal so we might as well join in the festivities.