Thursday, January 02, 2014

85 Year Old Great Grandmother Loses Her Touch

Enquiring minds want to know why an 85 year old great grandmother has had two consecutive failures when making her famous " Grandma Buns".  She is currently soaking up the Caribbean sun aboard her daughter's yacht, Cat's-Paw IV.  Her first catastrophic failure occured Christmas Eve when the buns failed to rise and came out of the oven resembling Canadian hockey pucks. Great minds pondered the question and the failure was attributed to ancient, heat damaged yeast. New yeast was purchased and on New Years Day a second attempt was made.  Olfactory glands were in high gear and mouths were watering in anticipation. Her buns are beloved by the family and friends, the recipe reproduced faithfully by at least three grandchildren. Grandma Buns are produced on every special occasion, they are usually a fluffy, light brown airy delicacy which melt in your mouth. 
On New Year's Day the dough achieved a normal initial rising, buns were formed and an hour later popped into the oven. Alas, pale hard hockey pucks once again emerged. Hair was torn out, wailing was heard from the depths of Cat's-Paw IV.  WHAT could have gone wrong again.
This time the suspect was aging floor, or could it possibly be that villain sea level, or perhaps Grandma is losing her touch!!! A third attempt is contemplated but the baker is hesitant, what if she fails again?Stay tuned!