Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Saintes

We are enjoying our time in The Saintes.  We have managed to hook up with 4 other yachts and have been doing stuff with them.  Yesterday the 10 of us tackled the highest hill in the area.  It was 1030 feet, about 300 m to you younger folks.  It was a beautiful day for a walk and the views were magnificent. There was a small fortress at the top and we scrambled up to the second floor and leaned out the window.

If you look across the bay, the day before we walked up the tallest hill on the north side and visited the very nicely restored Fort Napolean that is there.  There was a museum within the fort and I was even able to translated some of the exhibits.  They had
 a mock up of the naval battle that took place just south of here between here and Dominica in the middle 1800's. 

In the background you can see the tallest hill which we climbed as well as the small fortress that is at the top, it is the rectangular structure at the top of the hill.  

An exhibit in the museum, a beautiful example of an antique bed, I just loved the wood, so rich and solid.  I think it would have been too short for Barry though and as I had my doubts that it would fit in our boat I did not attempt to purchase it!! There are a number of other walks we want to take, one to the far side of the island and there is yet another hill to climb.   I searched for good dive sites and apparently on the west side of Guadaloupe there is a Jacques Couteau reserve so we are going to head thereafter we leave here.