Wednesday, January 15, 2014


We left Martinique a few days ago and we are now anchored at the north end of Dominica.
Christopher Columbus landed here on a Sunday and came up with the original name of Dominica,
Sunday in His language. I guess if Captain Cook could name a series of islands in the Torres Strait north of Australia, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, Christopher is allowed Dominica!
Mom left us on Jan. 9 and presumably is safely back in Winnipeg fighting off the Canadian winter,  I told her to think of us basking in the sun when she was cold (with envy) and when she was lying in her tub soaking in a nice hot bath (with relief) as we shower with our 3 litre container of water.  We had a good sail up here about 55 nm.  The passage between the islands was pretty rough with a 2 1/2 m swell but a bit of a wash tub effect.  The wind was on the beam though and we made excellent time averaging over 6 knots. 

Dominica is one of the poorest Caribbean Islands and thus is rather unspoiled with not a lot of big touristy type establishments. We took a trip up the Indian River which is a world heritage site.  It was very green and lots of big roots along the edge of the river.  Some of the scenes from Pirates of the Caribbean were shot on this site.  There are a lot of hiking trails on the island. 

Today we explored a fort that was built by the British and the French and then beautifully restored in the 1980's.  There was a rocky trail that led up to the nearby peak and we hiked up it.  I hope to do some more hikes in the next few days.  We will probably stay here until next Sunday or Monday, or maybe longer if we find some more good hikes and Barry's ankle holds out.