Sunday, May 04, 2014

Thunderball Grotto

The Bahamas so far have been very flat, windswept islands.  We are heading north along the Exumas,
a series of small islands, on the east side there is a deep ocean trench, while the west is a very
shallow bank with numerous coral heads and you could sail along in 3 m of water for days. The islands are separated by narrow channels called cuts and the islands are referred to as cays.
We have been sailing about 20 to 30 miles a day, then going through a cut, which is usually fraught with danger, shallow water, possible coral heads or shallow spots and a strong current.  Today we spent 2 nights in the same spot to rest up, do some boat chores and visit the grotto.  Not just any
grotto, but the Thunderball grotto where a James Bond movie was shot.  

It is suggest that you snorkel in at low slack water when there isn't any current running.  The reason being that in other times you may be swept away or hit your head on the cave roof as you are swimming in.  The grotto, or underwater cave is quite spectacular and it had holes in the roof so that the sun shines in, unlike the caves in Thailand.  We swam in one entrance and then exited out through an underwater opening, then went back into the cave and swam out through a spot that had about a foot clearance.  The aquatic life around the grotto was excellent, tons of fish and a rather largish nurse shark resting on the bottom. 

We took some pictures of the lovely corals but the colours are disappointing.  

If you are keeping track this is the third James Bond movie location we have been too, so I would say we have been to a few pretty exotic locations!
1.Kuala Lumpur, the twin hotel towers, Pierce Bronson as 007
2.Thailand, James Bond Island, Roger Moore as 007
3.Bahamas, Thunderball Grotto, Sean Connery as 007