Thursday, March 31, 2016

Cayo Campos

We discovered a gem when we stopped here, beautiful clear water, reefs to snorkel on and white sandy beaches to stroll down. 
Cayo Campos is a park with a warden's hut.  There are three rangers that keep watch over the wildlife here, where includes, jutias, iguanas, crocodiles and an introduced species of monkeys. 
The monkey troop comes to the warden station in the late afternoon and although quite shy of us, they took bananas from the ranger. They stay close by and feed on the crabs that they get amounts the mangroves. Notice the chickens in the background, the two species seem to get along just fine!

We had two marvellously long walks on the trails cut through the mangroves. On the second hike we went on a quest to see if we could see a crocodile.  We managed a glimpse of the first four inches of his nose after a very patient quiet wait beside the pond where he hangs out during the day. We were informed that during the night about 2200 they leave their day time sanctuary and head out to feed in the ocean. 
We came upon a marker bouy which had been driven up on the shore.  I hope we do not have to go through the spot it used to mark and if we do, I hope the charts are accurate. 
My latest headgear find, not something I will probably ever use on the boat so I left it onshore for another soul to find. 
Slimy seaweed on a piece of rock right at the water's edge.