Thursday, March 31, 2016

Isla Juventud

In Nueva Gerona after buying our fresh food we found a school where we left the supplies we had purchased in the U.S. for that purpose.  We figure not too many foreigners make their way to this school so we were pleased to find it. 
The people at the school were not sure what to do with our gifts and if you look at the four ladies in the back left of the picture, the one sitting at the table is making a list of everything we gifted them, the smaller one is telling her what to do and the one with her hands on her hips is just shaking her head in confusion!!  
The market in Nueva Gerona certainly had enough eggs for everyone, we did not avail ourselves of these chickens, instead taking the easier way out and buying frozen drumsticks in the local super mercado! 
The mystery of the missing toilets seats of Cuba was solved, there were never any to begin with!!

This is the Gaurda house or station at the Marina Seguanea, notice the fellow on the roof on the left hand of the picture, he is often up at the top making sure everyone behaves.

Sailing Info.

We are using the "Cruisng Guide to Cuba" written by Capt. Cheryl Barr,  Volume 1, Varadero to Trinidad, published by Yacht Pilot in Nova Scotia.  It has lots of great information, with way points to help you transit narrow passes and lots of information on what is available in the small towns covered by the book, as well as the flora and fauna in the area.  We have heard the Nigel Calder's book is very good as well. 

Ensenada de lots Barcos  21*54.5' N  X  083*00.0' W
Anchored in 2.5m of water, decent holding
Open to the west and south wind and waves funnel into bay
Bay is very shallow throughout, no services