Thursday, March 17, 2016

South Coast of Cuba

We put up our Dobson Yacht Club burgee (Sydney, NS)  the one with the red lion on it at the club at Marina San Antonio at the very west end of Cuba.  We used they fresh water to clean two weeks of salt of the boat, yeah!  Cat's Paw IV looks lonely by herself at the end of the dock!
We made it around the west end of Cuba a couple of days ago.  The booming easterlies let up for a few days and we had a gentle sail across to Isla de Juventud.  We are currently in Nueva Gerona, it is an hour and a half bus ride from where we are anchored, for the day, stocking up on fresh fruits and veggies, after not having any for about a week.  I am going to love the salad I am planning for supper!! 
The top five pictures were taken yesterday when we went out for a two tank dive.  Barry got to drive the boat on the way back and the Cuban fellow in the background is interested in sailing so we searched the boat for the most helpful things we had and gave him a book and some CD's and videos about sailing. They are mostly for the long distance cruisers but something is better than nothing. We ordered lunch on the boat and I was asked what we would like fish or lobster and I chose lobster of course.  We stopped before we went diving and the dive master jumped in and I was trying to figure out what was going on.  Sure enough, he was catching lunch, you can't get much fresher than that!!!
The diving was very good and we saw some huge green moray eels, huge lobsters everywhere and lots and lots of reef fish. The coral was on it's way back from a hurricane that went through here in 2008. 
We are not sure how much longer we will spend here. Are basic supplies are quite reduced and it is hard to get most everything here. We may head further east to a spot called Cayo Largo that is supposed to have great beaches and good diving but we may just head slowly back west and head to the U.S.  Our visa's are good until the middle of April so we may stay until then. Time will tell meanwhile we are having a great time and enjoying ourselves as always!!

Sailing Info.

We are using the "Cruisng Guide to Cuba" written by Capt. Cheryl Barr,  Volume 1, Varadero to Trinidad, published by Yacht Pilot in Nova Scotia.  It has lots of great information, with way points to help you transit narrow passes and lots of information on what is available in the small towns covered by the book, as well as the flora and fauna in the area.  We have heard the Nigel Calder's book is very good as well. 

Marina Cabo San Antonio  21*54.1' N  X  084* 54.5' W
Tied up to the dock, $0.40/ft.  no charge for water or electricity
Concrete dock with big black cushioning fenders, too protect boat have fenders at all levels. 
Showers, with restaurant and small store available, no fresh fruit or veg available, no internet
Able to check in and out of country here 

Marina Siguanea    21*37' N X 082*59' W
Anchored in 3m. just north of the entrance to the Marina. We had to anchor twice but once the anchor set we had good holding. 
Protected from prevailing easterlies
Marina offers diving and a small store which had eggs, cereal, cheese, some meat and drinks. 
Hotel is a 20 min walk away, Internet may be available on their computer 
Daily bus available to Nueva Gerona, 1 and 1/2 hours, where you can resupply, wifi available