Monday, August 01, 2016

Architecture in the Azores

Barry said as we were walking down these streets that he felt like he was in a Jason Bourne movie.  The narrow streets with tall connected buildings made us feel that we could have been anywhere in Europe. 
This great example of interesting architecture just needs some tender loving care to restore itself t it's former glory. The small balconies with the wroght iron railings and the unusual facings around the fourth story windows drew my eye. 
This fully restored building just across the street offered hope that the first building might someday be looked after. 
This modern building, a municipal theatre, in Velas on the island of St. George is a stunning addition to this town. Just below the building they had poured concrete around a rocky bay to make a public swimming spot, there was no beach but they very imaginately used what they had to made a great a public swimming area. What a super idea. 
We found this building in the main square in St. George, it was a pleasure to look at. 
We are on our way to mainland Portugal at the moment. It has not been a pleasant passage, we have been sailing close hauled for a week, banging into the waves in over 20 knots of wind. Thank heavens the boat is as strong as a bull, the new sails are getting a rel workout.