Sunday, October 09, 2016

This is the Old Port of Marseilles which we really enjoyed. We spent most of the day wandering around the area and visiting the old town with the narrow twisting streets. This very steep sidewalk was featured in the movie the French Connection and had some gorgeous views from the top of the street looking back down the hill. 
This led to a very artsy part of town with studios and ateliers all over the place.  I loved what this artist had done with his corner of the building. 
Close to the end of the harbour this big cathedral was being restored, what a mammoth undertaking.
We took a city bus up a hill to a lookout and got a great view of the city.  Here is an example of a totally different type of architecture. 
The next day we headed further east to Toulon driving along the twisting road along the Côte d Azur . We stopped in several small places enjoying the harbours, the colours made the scene come alive. I thought it would make a fantastic puzzle. 
Due to a recent update this app has become very hard to deal with so I am stopping now. We are back at the boat and have been waiting for a good sailing window to go to the Canaries but the weather does not want to co operate. We are heading to Morocco tomorrow , it is a days journey and we will most likely have to motor. 
The steroid treatment seems to have done wonders for Barry, we are so releaved. He does not have to use his crutch any more when walking around, so we have decided to make tracks towards home while his is feeling good.