Thursday, October 13, 2016


Do you think the boat owner used this conveyance to get down to the port?
We are in Smir, Morocco about 20 miles south of Gibraltar. We had a 36 hour crossing from Almerimar, Spain.  We were only able to sail for about 6 hours during the trip so it was not our favourite way to move around. We will wait here for a good window to go out the Straits of Gibraltar, it looks like Sunday should be a good day. It also looks like we will have to wait at the end of Strait for a weather window to the Canaries.
We went to the closest town today, Midic, and visited the market. We came away with fruits, veggies, yogurt, as well as dates and olives. We declined to the buy the really fresh chicken, one who was under some guys arm, Barry says it was either supper or his pet chicken.