Saturday, October 15, 2016

Tetuoan and the Market

Yesterday we went to visit Tetuoan an old walled Arabic city and today we went to see a market that just takes place once every two weeks. 
There were very narrow winding passages in the old city, the houses were generally three stories high, some places were more narrow than others. 
We were very glad we had our guide with us , it would have been very easy to get lost. It was all about the doors into the dwellings. 
Some were very ornate such as this one, others had beautiful ceramic tiles around the door jamb, here is a couple trying to decide which door they want.
There were sections to the souk or marketplace, there was the fruit and vegetable part, the dry goods area, the tailors, with there sewing machines in tiny little shops, the furniture making spot where these doors were as well as some lovely cabinets. Then we headed to the tannery, the weather was not hot because otherwise the smell would have been overwhelming. I would have liked a better explanation of what was going on but it was fairly self explanatory and an eye opener. 

As near as I can figure they were soaking the skins, scraping the skins and dyeing he skins, although the scraping looked like a back breaking job, I think I would have disliked being up to my knees in that muck when the guy was dyeing the skins. 
Not my idea of a good time. 

We went for a long ride down the coast today to see a traditional market that only takes place once every two weeks. It was a lovely ride along the coast and well worth the trip to see the local colour when we arrived. I am still having lots of trouble with this app so will just add lots of pictures so you can  have a sample of our experiences. 

The men negotiating the price for their livestock. 
The Berber women with their colourful red striped tied on skirts and semi conical straw hats. 
You could buy anything here, we replenished our supply of dates and olives and brought some lovely tasting grapes.