Monday, December 05, 2016

Exploring Tenerife

We sailed over to the island of Tenerife a few days ago. It was only a 40nm sail. We started out motoring and then sailing very slowly, the wind gradually strengthened and shifted until it was on our nose blowing over 20 knots . We had two reefs in the main and only about half the Genoa and we were going like a bat out of hell. It was great after the slow sails we have been having lately.  We stopped at a great anchorage for the south winds, Bahia Abona there was a sand bottom and the holding was super. 
We met another Canadian boat in the anchored, they are from Quebec and they had quite a story.  The parents with their seven children left Canada 5 months ago. The youngest child was only 1 month old when they left. We had them over for coffee and they invited back on board for lunch.  The father Marcus had refinished the interior of the boat so that it would fit the need of his large family.  There were three cabins, one for the parents , one for the girls and one for the guys. He had built an amazing amount of cupboards and drawers for all their belongings, we spent a very pleasant afternoon visiting and I enjoyed making Christmas figures out of playdough with the kids. 
The anchorage became uncomfortable with a wind change so we motored down to a marina. The next day we set off to ascend the highest mountain in Spain, Pico Tiede. It was a great ride up the mountain, forty kilometres the bus zigged and zagged on the switchback to the bottom of the gondola lift in the National Park
We went from sea level to 3550m or 11,660 ft. in one day, I don't think I have ever been higher while having my feet on the ground. 
The peak was very impressive if you look closely at the photo you can see where the gondola ends about five hundred meters from the top. If you wish to climb to the top you have to book well in advance because they have had to limit the number of people going up because of the damage to the environment. We were able to hike around the side so that we could see the three islands to the west of Tenerife, Gomera, La Palma and Hierro.  
There were some absolutely stunning views, this one is of the north of the island with a large city at the upper left of the photo. 
We are hoping to leave today and do another short sail over to Gomera the next island along and possible wait there for a good weather window to go to the Cape Verde Islands. 

Sailing Info.
We are using the crusing guide called Atlantic Islands issued by the RCC Pilotage Foundation. I will include all the anchorages we have been in on the Canary Islands. 

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria   28*06'9 N X 15*23'9 W
We anchored just outside the marina in 10m 
Decent holding good protection except from southeast
No charge in 2016
Dinghies can be left at dock in marina. 

Puerto Mogan on Gran Canaria  27*48'9 N X 15*45'8 W
We anchored in 7 m outside harbour entrance
Open to south wind and swell very uncomfortable in these conditions
Marina is touchy about how long and where you leave your dinghy

Bahia de Abona on Tenerife 28*09'2 N X 16*25'7 W
We anchored in 8m in sand
Super holding there is a northern part of the bay too but open to SE wind
Did not go ashore but Sandy beach with few amenities. 

Playa de Chinguarine on Gomera 28*02'3 N X 17*10'5 W
We anchored in 10 m over rocky bottom
Average holding, big headland to hide behind
Rocky beach to land dinghy but no amenities ashore, subject to swell