Friday, December 09, 2016


We are on the south shore of Gomera, the fourth Canary Island we have visited. The scenery on this shore is marvellous. There are huge towering cliffs rising up from the sea on the entire southern coast. The first place we stopped was behind a point that protected us from the east but the anchorage was open to the swell from the south. You see the spinnaker pole hanging off the side of the boat, our flopper stopper is in the water dampening the roll of the boat.  It is a life saver.  
When I asked the Québécois couple what this island was like she told me there were 'ippies. I did not really understand until we arrived. They are living in caves all around this beach, they are nudists and lay about the rocky beach in all their glory. One has a kayak and paddles up and down the bay fishing, yesterday as I went for a snorkel there were two skin divers spear fishing. There were not many fish down by the rocks close to shore, I wonder whether they had fished the area out?
Yesterday we moved on to a small settlement at the southwest corner of the island. This was scene at sunrise today. We have not been ashore yet as it has been too rough to get the dinghy down and contemplate where to dock it.  We are planning on leaving in a few days for the Cape Verde Islands.  It should be about an eight day passage so we should arrive in the week before Christmas. I am going to wait until we get there to put up my Christmas decorations as they will just bang around too much while we are underway.