Thursday, December 01, 2016

Puerto Mogan

We are on the south side of the island of Gran Canaria and it is tourist central. All along the coast are vacations towns with rows of condos built into the side of the hills.  The cliffs rise up from the sea making for stunning scenery. To the east of us there is an area of sand dunes, the sand having blown over from Africa resulting in a totally different ecosystem.
Yesterday we took a ferry along the coast and then a bus back.  Barry took some great pictures that shows you what a playground in the sun looks like in the Canaries. 
This is Puerto Mogan where we are staying.  When we arrived we anchored at the mouth of the marina. The first two nights were okay but on the third night the wind changed and as there is not protection from the south the waves and the swell rolled in.  Unfortunately they were from different directions so the boat rolled and rocked, neither Barry or I got any sleep. Luckily there was a spot in the marina so we are staying here for two nights, we will leave for Tenerife tomorrow on a good southerly wind. There are not rows and rows of condos here so it feels a little more quaint than the other towns. 
We walked up to a viewpoint above town this morning, it wasn't too far and Barry's back seems to have recovered very well so it was great to stretch our legs. Puerto Mogan has had a settlement in this valley for 1300 years. There are  archeological digs on the other side of the valley the area apparently had good fertile soil, good access to the sea and all it's bounty and of course it's excellent climate . I asked one fellow and he is renting a house for 500 Euros a month, maybe we should live here!!