Thursday, April 20, 2006

Barry’s brother Bruce, his daughter Kathleen and his grandchildren, Monty and Chantal arrived this week. We took them out for a sail yesterday. It was a super day for a sail with kids, the winds were about 10 knots, not too strong but just good enough to get the boat moving.

We went in search of porpoises and WE FOUND THEM. They were fishing in waters where we have encountered them before and after going back and forth over the area three times, they started following the boat. Bruce’s family just loved watching them. There was one fat one amongst the bunch and whenever he appeared no one got in his way. There was also one that was a gray colour and we figured that had to be harbour porpoise. Bruce fell asleep on the front deck on the way home so all in all everyone had a good time.

We are headed out on a 10 day trip this week. We are going out Juan de Fuca Strait to the end and out into the Pacific Ocean. I want to see if I get seasick in the swells and I want to sail on the ocean. I hope to go to Neah Bay and then sail out into the Pacific for 24 hours and then sail back, then head home. We are in Esquimalt tonight so are on are way. I probably won't be able to get e-mail for about 10 days s0 if you want to get hold of us send e-mail to

That is our ham radio e-mail.