Friday, April 28, 2006

We are back at our slip now. We spent a night anchored in Sequim Bay where John Wayne Marina is. There were a lot of huge houses along the shore and it looked very upscale. The next day we sailed to Port Townsend. This place was quite different in character.
There are a lot of homes from the turn of the century. There was a huge brick post office with a clock tower, you could hear the clock chime out the hour. The clock tower actually reminded me of the one in the movie Back to the Future. The downtown also had a bunch of brick buildings along the waterfront and a few very Victorian looking office buildings. There were lots of art galleries along the main street and we saw a number of 60's type hippies walking around. It was a different place to visit.
We had a slow sail home, motoring off and on when the wind died. I even pushed up my sleeves and let the sun look at my arms, so it was sunny and warm as well, altogether a nice way to spend coming home.
Tomorrow is the opening day for our yacht club so we are planning to participate in the sailpast of the new commodore, so that should be interesting.