Wednesday, April 26, 2006

We have just set a record, two worst's within 24 hours. When we arrived in Port Angeles Barry had THE WORST DOCKING EVER. (Barry calls it a controlled crash) He tried to turn around in a small space within the marina and the wind was against him. He didn't get around and the wind took the boat and blew it broadside into the dock. Thankfully we had the fenders on that side and all the docking lines were on that side and there was no boat in the way, so after we smashed into the dock, we just tied up like we had planned to land there.
This morning leaving from that same dock I had THE WORST DOCK DEPARTURE EVER!!!! ( Barry calls it a departure fiasco) The wind, as Barry will happily tell you, was in my favour and I am not exactly sure what I did but I definitely turned the stupid wheel the wrong way going out and got blown sideways. I madly went forward and then backwards at great speed trying to get the boat turned around at near panic. Several times you could hear me yelling "You come and do it", but there was no loud swearing, believe it or not. I narrowly avoided a collision with a boat, our bow to his stern and nearly took out the starboard navigation light. By some miracle I got the boat going backwards and managed to BACK the stupid thing out of the lane between the slips. (Did you know that when you drive a sailboat backwards the steering reverses, well if you remember I am left/right challenged so from now on when going backwards I am going to face backwards because then you steer regularly.) I think some practise driving the boat backwards in and out of fenders thrown in the water in a wind is called for because it is quite unnerving to do it in a crowded marina.
Hopefully there won't be any more worst's on this trip.