Sunday, August 19, 2007

Heather and I and the kids all went to the beach today. It was the perfect day, sunny, not too hot, NO BUGS. The kids played in the water, we played soccer and built a sand castle and then we had a weiner roast. Cassidy got stung by a wasp when she was changing and had a huge welt on the leg. Elijah discovered snails in the sand at the water's edge and was busy poking in the sand finding as many as he could. We went and had a weiner roast and then headed back to the beach. We had finished drinking our juice boxes and Elijah figured out a great game. You take the empty juice box and you blow it up and then you stick the straw back in it and put it on the ground. Then you stomp on it and see how far the straw will fly. It was a classic little boy game, eventually the juice box would give up the ghost and burst and that made the best noise. Cassidy was a great help carrying the firewood up to the campfire and carrying the water to put out the fire afterwards. There was much stirring of ashes to make sure nothing was still burning.

On the way to the beach Elijah wanted to have a smiling contest and all our cheeks were truly sore once we got there from the huge smiles plastered on our faces. Grandma suggested a frowning contest shortly afterwards but no one could maintain a good frown, although I think Cassidy held out the longest.
I finished off the day by going to spend dinner with some of my old sailing buddies and remeniscing about days gone by and making plans for September long weekend in Moose Bay. It should be a blast.