Monday, August 27, 2007

The wedding was terrific. We are really happy that we attended. It was a terrific time, Barry was the "named photographer" so he spent his time snapping pics on his brother's fancy new camera. The kids behaved beautifully and had a terrific time on the dance floor. Cassidy has natural rhythm and Elijah invented a truly strange dance step which involved hopping about on one foot, we could not imagine how he managed to keep it up for such an extended length of time.Quinn enjoyed the procedings and slept enough for Trish to teach Cassidy a few dance steps. He is a very alert young man, taking in whatever is happening, never dwelling too long on one thing but casting about to discover what else is new and different in his universe.

Kendra and James seem well suited for one another and it was a pleasure to get to know them better and here some of the stories about their past. The ceremony was performed by Margaret, the groom's Mom. and I could not believe how composed she was during it. It was great to have all of the Sam Lange's immediate family present and accounted for in one spot, and we have pictures to prove it. The wedding was held on farm property that has been converted to host weddings. There was a place to camp and hold a campfire, open space for the kids to run around and play games as well as a lovely dell where the wedding took place and numerous spots for truly memorable photos to be taken.

We are safely back in Yellowknife preparing for another work day tomorrow. Barry is going to stay in Yk tomorrow and then head back to Fort Simpson on Wednesday. He will take the car and then drive out with it when he leaves in Oct.