Saturday, August 25, 2007

We are now in Innisfail, Alberta. Heather, Cassidy, Elijah, Barry and I drove from Yellowknife. We are here for the wedding of our nephew James Lange, Bruce and Margaret's son. We left on Thursday night after work. We got to the ferry at 2315 hours, the last one was supposedly at 2330 so made it with plenty of time. Cassidy managed to stay awake so that she could experience the ferry ride, but Elijah was fast asleep and missed it. He did not want to nap the rest of the trip in the car in fear that he would miss the ferry on the way back. Grandma absolutely promised that she would wake him up the next time we get to the ferry. We arrived in High Level at 033o and got a hotel room and crashed for 4 hours. We were on the road again at 0730 and 10 hours later at 1730 we followed the signs to the wedding site.

The kids were amazing in the car, no fighting and we had great fun, singing, playing games and just looking at everything. We saw bison grazing on the sides of the road, a small black bear gamboling along in the ditch, a coyote scooting across the highway, cows hanging out in a field, horses standing on a hill, a bull surveying his domain and a beaver dam just waiting for some action. We also saw huge amounts of hay in bales waiting to be put away, everytime Elijah saw it he would say "Hay", and I would think he was saying "Hey", and ask him what he would like. It took me quite a while to not react when he would exclaim "Hay"! We had a great trip down and we have 4 movies for the kids to watch on the way back. If I can just remember to charge up the computer we should be in great shape. We plan to head part way back on Sunday and then hopefully drive the part of the road where the bison hang out in the daylight and arrive in Yellowknife late in the evening on Monday.