Friday, August 10, 2007

Well, it is official now. The crew of Obsession, minus the Spinnaker Stud, were presented with the Commissioner's Cup in the Commissioner's office on Wednesday. We got the cup and had to endure a gazzillion photos and then we were served lunch. The Commissioner's Office is wonderful with all sorts of paintings and sculptures that have been presented over the years, so I had tremendous fun snooping around all the treasures. The Commish gave us a bottle of champagne to drink out of the cup as well as some Tim Horton's coffee with a cup glued to the top so that it wouldn't spill out on the water. He had some nice photos of us as we approached the start line in Hay River.

This weekend I am heading back to Fort Simpson. Barry and I have tentatively scheduled a trip into the Nahanni with a stop in Tungsten. I called someone at the mine yesterday to arrange to see the town and although I have not heard back from him, one of our buddies who used to live in Tungsten, when we were there, had done some ground work for me and said that he had already talked to the guy and that he was willing to come and meet our plane and take us on a tour of the town. It will be a trip down memory lane. We all lived there from 1984 to 1986, when they shut the mine down and have not been back since. Tungsten in located just over western NWT border about 200 miles north of the BC border, just south and west of the present boundaries of the Nahanni National Park. We are going to be able to fly over Victoria Falls and down the Nahanni River before we land in Tungsten. Now, according to the airline fellow we should be able to stay in Tungsten for a couple of hours if the weather is good, we might even be able to get in a soak at the natural hot springs. I am bringing my towel for sure.

Heather and the kids were over at the house I am house sitting the other night. They have a big trampoline in the back yard so wonderful amounts of fun were had by all. I showed the kids around the house and Elijah thought he had hit the motherlode because there are 2 boys that live here, one in 9 and the other 10, so there were tons of toys for boys all over their rooms. The light sabres came into play very quickly. I am going to have them to sleep over next week and maybe the Lego will get used!!!