Monday, October 08, 2007

Barry, in the mean time, is still working North of 60. Here he is checking out the Merv Hardie Ferry with Michel Lafrance, the Regional Superintendent of the Department of Transportation, Government of the Northwest Territories, (he must be taking the picture) which crosses the mighty Mackenzie River. Everyone that drives to Yellowknife has to go across the Mackenzie River which drains the eighth largest freshwater lake in the world, Great Slave Lake. The Mackenzie moves the water past the Arctic Circle and deposits it into the Arctic Ocean. For the past number of years there has been a movement afoot in Yellowknife to put a bridge across the Mackenzie, it is going to be built right where the red bouy is in the background of the picture ( I can't pick it out, but it is probably there). Barry says they started surveying last week and they will start bringing in materials this winter and the bridge is scheduled to be finished in 2010. There was a big dump of snow the previous week in Hay River and Yellowknife but it has all but disappeared here. Barry's last day of work in Fort Simpson, where he is currently stationed, will be Oct. 18. On the 19 he will fly to Yellowknife to get his hip checked out again and then return to Fort Simpson and start making his way south. I am hoping he will be here on Oct 21 or 22. It will be interesting to see if the doctor in Yellowknife thinks he is a candidate for a new hip.