Sunday, October 28, 2007

We are in Sidney, BC, set to take the plane tomorrow morning to Tucson, AZ. Then on Tues. we will take a bus to San Carlos in Mexico and reaquaint ourselves with Cat's-Paw IV. It will be very nice to get back aboard, although we will have alot of work to get it ready to put it back in the water.

The last few days in Winderemere were very busy, my Mom arrived and we had a wonderful visit, we managed to get some four generation shots. Then Barry showed up (the car made it) and he spent a day visiting with Trish, Graeme and Quinn. Quinn did not crawl or get a tooth before I left and I miss his bouncy enthusiaism. Trish was working very hard on getting her knee back in working order and I am sure she still is.
We stopped in Vancouver and saw some sailing buddies from Mexico, Phil and Trudi on Williwaw. They had Williwaw shipped up from Mexico on Dockside and enjoyed her over the summer. One of the great joys I had from traveling was meeting wonderful people and it was so nice to extend our acquaintance by visiting them in their home.
Quinn checking out a ring his great grandma made, good taste buddy.
Once we reached Vancouver Island we raced around buying boat parts. We visited with Barry's Mom and both of his sisters. One night I sorted all our clothing out in Sherran's living room. We emptied all our suitcases and packed away all of our work clothes and our cool weather duds to take to our storage area, then I packed our cruising gear and all our boat stuff and managed to close the bags. We are in a hotel about 10 minutes from the airport tonight so we do not have any excuse for missing the flight.
Oh, I have been working on a tropical fish cross stitch for Quinn all summer. I bought the kit in Calgary in early June and have been working very hard. I basically became obsessed with getting it done. I cross stitched from Calgary to Winnipeg to Cape Breton to Yellowknife to Windermere. I stitched in the car, on the bus, on the plane, on the ferry, on a sailboat, in bed, in front of the TV, and while I waited for appointments. Trish and I visited a framer last week and picked out a frame and I put the last stitch in about a week ago. I felt pretty good about getting in finished. Yippee!!!