Sunday, October 14, 2007

It was a beautiful day yesterday and we went and played in the leaves. The leaves here are huge compared to the ones up north. It was not hard to accumulate a large pile and then almost cover Quinn in them. We also finished digging up Trish's garden, harvesting the rest of the carrots, beets and onions. We had picked the peppers the other day and made a batch of green salsa. It was pretty tasty, it had 10 home grown jalapenos in it and I was pretty scared to taste the concoction, but it was very tasty and not too hot at all.

Last Tuesday we went to see Trish's doctor in Cranbrook. He was not happy with the amount of swelling that was still in her knee and he told her she should still be on her crutches until she could walk without a limp. That was not happy news and Trish was very grumpy for the rest of the day. She has been attempting to remember to use her crutches in the house but she is not very good at it and she is getting tired of Graeme and I getting after her for walking around too much. I keep threatening to take a video of her so that she can see how she is walking.
We did a developmental questionnaire for Quinn, at six months, the other day. He is doing everything a normal bouncing baby boy should be doing and believe me he does love to bounce. He is rolling all over the floor now and he demonstrated his turning techinique on the furniture the other day, pushing off with his feet and swiveling his body on his back to get out of the corner, Trish and I were fascinated.