Sunday, October 07, 2007

Well I know you have all been wondering about "the car". Greame and Trish bought a 65 mustang and Graeme is in the process of restoring it. He is at the stage where the car has been completely stripped and he has straightened the frame, now he is working on the body panels. The watchamadoeys are finished and the thingamjiggers are perfect, that is about as far as my car smarts takes me.

Graeme is also a surfer, (being a cool Aussie dude, of course he is into surfing). Trish got him an Indo board for his birthday. The board is a snazzy oval shaped piece of plywood that you put a roller underneath and you practise your balance on it. Greame is quite amazing to watch on it, that has been our entertainment for the last few days. Quinn is going to get some yams tonight for his Thanksgiving dinner, Trish and I are pretty excited about that!! The turkey is smelling, the pumpkin pie is ready and we have garden potatoes for mashing. Life is good!

Graeme is currently trying to decide what colour to make his car. He wants to know what you think? Please e-mail me at to register your vote for a black or a red mustang. THIS IS IMPORTANT, he really wants to know.