Tuesday, January 29, 2008

We made it, we are across TDTP (The Dreaded TehaunePec). It threw a punch at us but it wasn't roundhouse knockout punch, just a jab to the jaw. We had 24 hours of uncomfortable sailing, getting bashed about with a triple reef in the main and the staysail, thank heavens for the hanked on staysail. Sometimes even that was too much for the boat and we had to wrestle the wheel to get back on track. After 24 hours of that it settled down and we had some great sailing. This was our longest passage ever at 5 days and we did pretty well in the rest department. At night we would do one 4 hour shift and one 3 hour shift, and then 2 hours during the day when it was really hot. The 0100 t0 0500 shift was the killer, I think after 0200 I was looking at my watch every 15 minutes, makes for a long night. I think I identified the Southern Cross so it was great to see it (I think).

We are in Barillas Marina in El Salvador. They have an excellent system for checking in, all the officials came to our boat, 2 police men, one custom's officer and an immigration guy plus best of all a lovely English speaking senorita!! We were through and checked in, only $20.00 lighter in a half an hour, record time.

Barillas is a gated spot, almost like an all inclusive resort. There is a pool and a bar, the office arranges for internet and you can charge all you want. The resort has a bus into town 2 times a week, from there you can go to San Salvador, etc. We have decided to press on to Costa Rico. There is only so much time and there are great spots to stop in Costa Rico. I think we may leave from there to go to the Galapagos. Apparently the angle and winds are better that way. We are going to bypass Panama, but I guess we will see it on the way back, from east to west if Barry gets his work fix every once in awhile.