Sunday, January 13, 2008

We met some friends from last year at Rick´s on Friday night and they said that they were taking an inland trip on Sat. morning. That sounded like such a good idea I jumped on it and asked if they would mind if we joined them, so off we went.
We are in Patzcuaro up in the mountains about 7,000 feet, about 200 miles inland, I think. We took one bus that was a 3 and a half hour trip to Uruapan and then another 30 minute trip here. We are staying in the main square in a lovely old building that is very clean and has wonderful furniture in the lobby. I froze up one computer trying to load my pictures so won´t bother again. It is a colonial town with a very different feel from the coast. We saw some traditional dancing last night and then went for dinner.
At dinner there was some live music and our friends have their 22 year old son with them. He is a muscian so he started chatting with the folks and it resulted in an invitation to a house party. After many fits and trys we found the place, the cabby had to ask several people before he found it. It was lots of fun with dancing and live music, bongos, keyboard and guitar. One girl there was very good at the Salsa. What an adventure. We are headed out shortly to explore the lake where the area is based around. Apparently in the 1500 century the bishop in the area made each village around the lake into an centre where one craft was practised and perfected in each place. One village is know for it´s copper work, one for pottery, one for weaving, etc. It should be fun to see what we can discover today. I think we will head back to Zihua tomorrow.
Just thought I would let you know what we are up to. Trish and Jen have both posted great family pics from Christmas, thank you guys, it means a lot to me.