Saturday, January 05, 2008

Well we made to Zihua. We stopped off in two anchorages, Maruata and Caleta De Campos. We went ashore in Caleta and toured the town. It was our first dinghy landing in surf, for this season so it was a bit scary. We put everything in waterproof bags, but I guess we learned a few lessons last year and we managed to time the waves perfectly and landed very dry. The town was interesting and we even managed to find a Lange shortcut back down to the beach, scrambling down and very narrow, windy, treacherous trail. We actually sailed quite a bit on the trip down, there wasn´t much wind but we would coast along at 3 to 3 and a half knots. It was great to be on our own time schedule not having to hurry to get somewhere, just sailed when we wanted to and who cared how fast we were going.
It is great to be back in Zihua. We went to the doctor we saw last year and renewed our prescriptions and it felt great to know the ropes, where the doctor was, which pharmacy would be able to fill our needs for a year and where the bank was so we could pay to the prescriptions. We had a lovely time at Rick´s Bar on Saturday night with live music and dancing.
We are planning on staying here about a week and then heading further south. We managed to buy a cruisers guide for Panama today, for a very decent price from another cruiser. I have a line on some flags so things are looking good. We are going to attempt to repair our ham radio antenna this afternoon. It would be great if we could get that figured out. I want to stop by a dive shop later and try and do some diving while we are here. Barry is worried about the effect of the depth on his ears so is not interested. I took my dive training in 1993 and 15 years later I would like to see what is out there under the sea.

Me and my neice Karen and my grand neice Chantal on New Years Eve