Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Well, I finally did it.

15 years ago I took Scuba lessons, passed the course and took my open water dives and then said to Barry okay it's your turn. I was thinking we could take holidays in warm water and we could go diving together. Barry instead chose to take sailing lessons, three boats later and 15 years have passed and I finally took a dive, in fact I have now taken 4. Wow! What a blast. Today we saw a sea horse, an octopus (which I spotted), 3 moray eels and hundreds of fish. It was awesome. Barry didn't want to try because he was worried about his sinuses so I finally figured out, if I was going to do I had to do it by myself, so away I went. I am so glad. I am actually spending my bonus from Coldwell Banker on this perk so thanks guys. I have 2 more days of diving left so life it good.
Mungo showed up here yesterday and two other boats from last year are here so it is great to see old friends. We are once again really enjoying Zihua. If you have a chance it is a great holiday destination.

Some poor bugger was 60 miles out and his chain plate gave way. This is what happened to his mast. What a shame.

Barry was out getting his diesel fix yesterday and he came across this pile of tangerines and pineapple. The tangerines are really tasty.

When we got up the other day this sight greated us. It looked pretty horrific from the boat. There were two distinct flaming structures, so I imagine that two Mexican families lost their homes. Hopefully no one lost their lives.