Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Yesterday I bought a ticket to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, caught a bus and spent the day being educated about the strange and unusual Australian animals. Barry didn’t want to come because he had seen koalas with Bob and Barb, boy did he miss a great day.
I got to hear about koalas and their two opposable thumbs, the reason why they are so lethargic and the fact that babies hang about with their mothers for over a year, they don’t even come out of the pouch for about 6 or 7 months. They also had a talk about snakes, the fellow had a black headed python wrapped around himself as he explained the 2 most important things to do if you are bitten by a venomous snake. The first thing is to not move around to much and stay calm (I think the staying calm part would be extremely difficult!!, the second is to bandage the limb that was bitten with a tensor bandage. Apparently when you go bush walking in Aus, you should always have a tensor bandage in your pack, I did not know this and will add a bandage PDQ.
I think my favourite thing beside the talk on koalas was the raptor show. The people brought out about 4 different raptors and had them flying through the crowd and catching food that they threw up in the air. They brought out 2 kinds of owls, a huge eagle and a kite. There were also 2 very large eagles in the trees that could not fly that we got to have a look at. The biologist who gave then talk had some very interesting facts about owls and when they brought out the eagle she explained that he only weighed about 3.4 kilos, not much weight for a bird that size. One fact she mentioned is that if you find carrion in the middle of the road, stop and move it to the side because the big eagles which feed on it are not that swift at getting off the ground or hopping out of the way so lots of birds are killed by being hit by cars while they are eating on the highway. I saw a platypus swimming about, it was very small and agile in the water. It is a mammal that lays eggs, very odd. Just like the wombat and the koala they are a marsupial but their pouches open toward the back, so the babies don’t get hurt, interesting adaptation. A WOMBAT

They had some beautiful birds there and the first activity I did was to feed the lorakeets. I also saw a coccuburro that was just flying around free, we hear them calling most days here on the river.
I am so glad I went, it was a fabulous day. I got to pet the koala and feel the snake, it was very smooth, the koala was a little bristley. Hope you enjoy the pictures. I will have to think up a new mission, that one was so interesting and so much fun.

Barking Owl

White Bellied Sea Eagle

Wedged Tail Eagles (Australia's largest raptor)


Southern Cassowary

A Very Contented Koala