Saturday, April 30, 2011

We are in Bundaberg at a marina. We decided to splurge and stay in comfort and safetly and have ready access to water. I wanted to clean and oil the teak and that takes a lot of water, thus we are staying at the dock. Patricia is supposed to be driving up here later today so we have are waiting for her to arrive to we can have another visit. We had some good sails getting here. We came up the Great Sandy Strait and found some nice anchoring spots. One of the spots was on Fraser Isalnd, apparently the largest sand island in the world. We wen ashore and found this old peer and these tress that were painted by the aboriginals of the ares.

We had some drama the day we decided to cross the bay to come to Bundaberg. It was blowing 20-30 knots but it was from behind so no problems. It was great until it started to rain and then it got really socked in and we couldn't see very far. We found the entrance to the river and turned on the engine and lo and behold we had no water coming out of the engine. Barry disappeared down below to change the impeller and I sailed around waiting for him to reappear. He did and the engine purred away and we headed in and Barry made a perfect landing at the dock and we have been here ever since.

The marina has a courtesy bus into Bundaberg most day, town is 6 km away. We have gone in a couple of days and yesterday I stopped into the local art gallery. They had an exhibition of photos taken during the floods that were here in late Dec. and Jan. It devastated quite a few businesses and homse in the area. I am glad that we were not here to experience it. Friends who were here at the time said it is the worst thing they have ever had to deal with.

We will be here unti Tues. and then we hope to make our way further north. I want to stop at Lady Musgrove Island, an atoll abotu 50 miles from here that has nice coral that we can snorkel around and enjoy. We are both looking forward to seeing Trish, Graeme, Quinn and June.