Friday, April 01, 2011

We are on our way north on the long trek up the east coast of Australia. Today we are hoping to get to Southport the beginning of the Gold Coast, about 60 miles south of Brisbane. It is a beautiful day for a sail, sunny, light winds and a gentle swell. Last night Patricia packed up the Land , Cruiser, putting all the bikes back in and this morning we hauled her up the mast to change the pesky wind instrument before we bundled her and the kids off the boat to make the 0830 tide. I told Quinn before they left that I was sorry I didn’t have time to play balloons with him again because the tide waits for no man.
Bob and Barb showed up again on their way north and we had a super day at the beach with them. We found a rectangular structure of logs stuck in the sand and we able to cover it with blankets, towels and cover ups to give us some much needed shade. Bob, Trish and I boogie boarded while Quinn and June hunted shells and crabs supervised by Grandpa and Gauntie Barb. The waves were not good enough to surf but we had terrific fun body surfing and using the boogie board to fly into the beach. We went again the next day and I forgot my bathing suit and went in wearing my underwear. The waves were so powerful the second day they were knocking my panties right off of me.
There was a rocky headland and we all walked down there and explored the tide pools. We spotted a sea cucumber, numerous hermit crabs, minnows and Barry found a huge crayfish shell on the beach. Quinn and June hunted in the pools catching the hermit crabs and picking up some great shells. We had peanut butter sandwiches, fresh pineapple, almonds and water to keep the hungry monster at bay. Bob and I went for a bit of a swim and Bob went on a run down the beach in his bare feet. Barry sat and read his book and was green with envy. It was a super Australian Beach day, the beach was ten miles long and we had it to ourselves!!!!