Saturday, March 23, 2013

 We had a wonderful adventure yesterday, and I wrote a big long blog on the boat and thought I saved it on the flash drive to bring it ashore so that I could upload it and it seems that it is not on the drive.  I can´t be sure though because everything is in Portugese, !#$#$!!!

Okay so you probably wanted the abbreviated version anyway.  We went up a river and found a waterfall. End of story.  @#$$%, I put so much effort in describing the trip.  Anyway, we set off, all by ourselves, which was rather wierd, because mostly we have done this type of things with others.  I figure if something had happened the keepers of the garden we came across on a path through the Atlantic forest would have had to find us to help us.   gardens were well kept,
weeded and watered so they must come regularly.
An old homestead we came across, there were signs of fairly recent habitation
Anyway, nothing happened except we got wet and dirty.  We  found the waterfall, had a wonderful swim in fresh water and kept our sticks swinging as we walked along the jungle path.  The guidebook described the waterfall and said to make sure you took a stick along to make noise to scare away the snakes.  That nearly put us off, I tell you, but I think we made enough noise to make any snake within 5 miles aware that we were there.
The water was cool and best of all FRESH!

We have been told this area of Brazil get more rainfall than the Amazon Basin.  There also is more biodiversity here than in the Amazon.  I was constantly amazed to see plants that I had bought in Canada and  tried to grow in my heated house as I misted them regularly trying to get them to flourish.  They grow along the path here looking very happy to be alive.