Saturday, March 16, 2013

Swimming through a pass with Cat´s-Paw IV in the background

We are happily cruising around Ilha Grande a lovely island about 3 miles off the coast of Brazil.  It has many beautiful, safe anchorages and we are relaxing and enjoying the scenery. Ilha Grande has a great series of trails almost all around the island so we get up early in the morning and go exploring, returning to the boat once it gets hot and then jumping in the water to cool off in the afternoon.  We have a couple of tarps set up so that the boat stay pretty cool donw beolow during the day.  In the evening there is always a bit of a breeze.  At this time of year there is a lot or rainfall here.  The    Atlantic air meets up with the high mountains and as it rises, it rains.  We have had a number of thunder storms and almost every night it has rained, but normally the days are sunny and hot. 
Going into town, Angros Dos Ries, to get some groceries

The boating industry in booming in Brazil and there aren´t enough marinas for all the boats, so they stack them!!

Views from one of the trails on Ilha Grande

Walking up a greasy trail in the rain. 

This must be some kind of bouy, but a really pretty one that got away, check out the super long , super nice beach. 

A not so steady bridge, the stairs were not attached property anymore but we managed to negotiate them okay. 

 We finally got our stay fixed and left the marina and got a bit of a shock at the price. Suffice it to say that we will not be staying in anymore marinas for awhile.  We will spend another week in this area and then head north to Rio for a week or so and then make out way up the coast.  Getting an internet SIM card has become a problem so our access is limited when we go to town.  So if I don´t blog for awhile we are still alive and well and enjoying Brazil.