Saturday, March 02, 2013

We have landed in Brazil!  Yippee, this is our fifth continent and we are still in one piece! It was a 19 day crossing from St. Helena.  We stopped overnight at the island of Martin Vaz and tried to make water as our tank was almost empty.  I have written a whole blog about it but it will not copy on these fussy Brazillian computers so will give you the short version.
The watermaker wouldn~t work and we had to get some water from the military base on Trinidade.  They were great coming out to the boat and giving us 10 2 litre bottles, some with ice in them and then going back ashore and filling up our cans, about 50 litres in total.  We arrived in Brazil, hydrated but pretty dirty as we dared not use the water to wash with.
We~ve got a number of things to fix on the boat, as always.  We are on a tourist island of Ilha Grande about 60 miles south of Rio.  There was no wind the last 100 miles so we motored down the coast past Rio in the night and dodged the tanker traffic.  It get you awake on shift at night that~s for sure.  There is no cash machine on this island so hopefully there will be a restaurant where we can get some cashback on our Visa and we can get some fresh fruit and veggies and some bread.  We are going to go and check in at a place called Brachui tomorrow or Monday.  Hope all is well with all of you.