Sunday, March 24, 2013

Paraty is an unusual town.  It was built by the Portugese, and  slaves were off loaded to work on plantations here. Then it became a transportation hub for gold that was mined in the hills.  The town was built below sea level and at high tides it floods.  The roads are built with big stones and are slanted towards the middle so that the water just puddles there and the sides are dry.  The buildingS are high enough so that they don’t flood in an ordinary tide.  The colonial architecture is wonderful and we spent the day wandering around admiring.  It is a big tourist destination now and taking tourist out in boats to the surrounding beaches is big business. There are lots of interesting shops and restaurants, but the Brazilian economy is booming and the exchange rate is not in our favour so I am having to curb my shopping instincts.  We are back here after our waterfall outing and most of the boats that came across at the same time as we did have congregated here.  We plan to hang out with them for a day or two and then head north to Rio.