Saturday, May 18, 2013

Barry contemplating what might have been!

We have arrived in Trinidad after a week of liming down the west coast of Tobago.  Liming in a Tobagan term for hanging out and relaxing.  We were not able to get the shroud repaired properly so Barry lashed it up with some spectra line and fastened the halyards to where the shrouds attached and it has held.  We motored a couple of miles from Charlotteville and found some very isolated beautiful little spots, that were a bit rolly, but we thoroughly enjoyed them.  There was great snorkelling in both bays we stayed in, some of the best since the Chagos.  There were wonderful  lilac fan corals everywhere and fish I have never seen before.  We headed ashore one day and for the first time in this rigid bottom dinghy we were pooped, the wave at the shoreline came pouring in over the back and almost swamped us.  In the picture Barry is trying to figure out how we didn't get flipped.

Part of our liming experience was a great BBQ ashore with the crew of Mr.Curly.  We don't do enough of having dinners ashore, cooking over an open fire.  It was great fun, we had chicken and veggies done in tin foil as well as a lentil salad and a potato salad.  After the main course was finished we ate watermelon while watching the sun set with our rum punches close at hand, oh my, it is a tough life!!!

It was over 80 miles to Trinidad from where we were so it meant an overnight trip.  With an unstable outer shroud we had to motor, it was a shame.  There was a great sailing wind and we had to putt along, rolling about in the swell, the sails would have made the trip a lot smoother.  To get to Chagaramus where we were going to haul out we went through a narrow passage with high cliffs on both sides.  We must have hit the tide right because we did not have to battle a big current and our trip through the gap was painless and very safe.

Looking to the left of the back of the boat

Looking to the right off the back of the boat.
We are at the dock of the boatyard where Cat's-Paw IV will spend the next four months.  Looking to the left you would never know that you were near a boatyard, the bouganvillia is stunning, the upstairs deck perfect for a break from boat work and there are hot showers to be had. To the right is the slipway and the boatyard.  People are cleaning their bottoms with electric sanders and the eternal hammering is not music to my ears. Today is our first full day at the dock, we hosed down and scrubbed the staysail, I cleaned the cockpit cushions and wiped all the salt I could off the boat  Barry fixed the galley fresh water pump, something that has been driving me crazy for the last six months (we just needed a new pump, imagine that),  the oil and put a new solar panel regulator in.  That is a few tasks I can strike off our very long to do list.  The boat comes out of the water on Wed. so we will be busy fixing and cleaning until then.  Good thing we did a good bit of liming last week, there won't be much this coming week.