Monday, May 06, 2013

The best of both worlds, beer tasting ice cream, ummmm!!                         
We arrived safely in Tobago, Friday afternoon about 1430 hours.  We had nice steady 1 knot current from about noon on pushing us nicely around the top of the island so we landed on the leeward side of the island at a town called Charlotteville.  It is a sleepy little town, very laid back.  We managed to get checked in and wandered around the town.  One particular sign said you were not allowed to tether your goats on the local soccer pitch, shows what is important here.  
Yesterday we bought a couple of lobsters and went back to the boat and had a lovely lunch and then laid around the rest of the afternoon just catching up on our rest.  We are going to take the bus into the capital tomorrow and arrange internet access. 

After coming back from checking in I saw one of the shrouds just hanging loose off the boat and told Barry he had better do it up.  He took  a look and it was broken, it is one of the main ones that holds on the mast, so we are extremely lucky that it didn't give way when we were sailing or we could have lost the whole rig. 
On the port side, completely broken apart

On the starboard side, ready to sheer off at any time.  THIS IS REALLY SCARY!!

A month of pounding up the coast and the damn things breaks when we are at anchor just after we arrive, we must have some patron saint watching out over us, I tell you we are some lucky.  We had those fitting replaced in Aus., so they are just two years old.  Barry checked the other side and the other fitting has a hairline fracture all the way around, it is ready to give out any moment as well.  We are going to get in touch with a rigging shop in Trinidad and get two new fitting sent up. isn't life grand.

We saw this as we came around the corner into Charlotteville, are there pirates in the Caribbean??