Tuesday, May 28, 2013

We are in the Halifax airport, we travelled all day yesterday and then over nighted at the Holiday Inn, there was a 8 hour stop over.  I am too old to sleep in the airport so we were very happy with the room and the complementary breakfast.  Our trip so far has been excellent, no hitches, all the connections, one in Houston and one in Newark went off without a hitch.  
In Newark we got off the plane and got on one of those little airport buggies and were dropped off at an airport bus stop.  The bus took us to a different terminal and we walked right to our gate with a 3/4 of an hour to spare, wonderful.  We saw the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty from the plane as we went into land in Newark, that was great.  We only had to wait 15 minutes for the shuttle to the hotel once we got off the plane.  
According to Canadian Immigration, we are only visitors this time, since we don't have a home and are not going to stay in one place during our stay here we are classified as visitors.  Oh well, it didn't mean anything for getting in and out of the country but it was strange to be classified as a visitor in your home country.
The only sour note of the whole trip was on the way to the airport.  We had a guy from the travel lift give us a ride to the airport.  It is about an hour drive.  He had an older car with dodgy steering.  It was all good until some guy cut us off at about 90 km on the highway.  We were only about 2 meters away and we swerved into the other lane.  I saw my life flash before my eyes, no kidding, I have never been so scared.  Fortunately all ended up well and we made it to the airport.  I was thinking, we should carry cards in our wallets with who to notify in case of an accident because it might take a while otherwise.  Nor something a person wants to contemplate.  
Just another hour before I get to hug Leeland, William will be in school, so I will have to wait to see him. It is great to be back in Canada, although the +7 degrees out there this morning felt a little fresh.  I love seeing the spruce trees again.