Thursday, May 02, 2013

At sea  08 54' n  056 58'w
We are just whizzing along, it is actually unbelievable.  The Guyana current has got us in her grips and we are going faster than we have ever gone before. We are like that turtle in Finding Nemo, just grooving along while riding the current.  The current occurs at the drop off from the coast at the continental shelf.  At times there is a 3 knot current and we are experiencing 15-20 knots of wind on the beam so the boat is going over 6 knots on her own and then the current is pushing us up to speeds of 9 knots, crazy. What a feeling, the boat just picks up her skirts and dances.  Once we were going along about 7 and 1/2 knots, wallowing a little as we were wing on wing.  The wind picked up 5 knots and the boat was just skimming, she felt so light and still in complete control, the wind vane, Bob, valiantly steering away, the wallow was gone and the boat seemed to just float over the water,zzzoooommmmmm  what a feeling. Yesterday we did 203 nautical miles in one day, that is an average of 8.4 knots an hour for 24 hours, the boats theoretical hull speed is 7.75 knots so we were flying. We only have 260 miles to go to Scarboro, Tobago, we are hoping to arrive on Friday. We are heading further offshore at the moment to angle up towards Tobago, so we have lost the good current, we only have about 1/2 knot now, but the winds are still great and the angle is a bit better.  We only have to make 130 miles each day in order to get there in the daylight so hopefully we should be able to make it, if not what is another day at sea after the last month.  Caribbean here we come.
The A is there position if it is plotted correctly.